5 Types of Exercise that are Safe for Osteoarthritis Sufferers

Osteoarthritis is a type of arthritis that is classified as chronic and progressive. This disease occurs when cartilage wears away so that it can no longer protect the two ends of the bones when they meet at a joint. Well, one method of treatment for this disease is to exercise regularly. However, you can’t do just any exercise to overcome this condition. Check out the following exercise options for osteoarthritis sufferers!

Exercise Options for People with Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis most often occurs in the knee. Usually, this condition of arthritis will cause pain to make it lazy to move. However, you don’t need to worry about exercising when you have knee pain. According to Current Aging Science, exercise is very important to maximize movement function in adults with knee osteoarthritis, but this must be done consistently.

Before exercising, make sure your doctor has allowed you to do it. Here are some exercises for people with osteoarthritis of the knee that you can do.

Exercise Options for People with Osteoarthritis

1. Swimming

Take up aerobic exercise in water to burn more calories. The reason is, water can help you lighten your body up to 90% of your total body weight.

However, this really depends on how much your body is submerged when doing water sports. By reducing your body weight in the water, you can reduce the load your knee joints have to carry.

Swimming is one example of water aerobics that you can do. The Journal of Rheumatology says swimming can reduce joint pain and stiffness related to osteoarthritis. Therefore, try to do this water exercise regularly to get maximum results.

Static Bike

2. Static Bike

The right exercise for the next osteoarthritis sufferer is using a stationary bicycle. The seat on a static bicycle can help reduce your body’s burden.

Meanwhile, the circular motion of the pedals can reduce the risk of knee pain. During exercise, don’t forget to increase the intensity of the exercise by adjusting the resistance on the pedals to get maximum results.

You can also do this by increasing the speed of pedaling a static bicycle. To be safer, use a semi-recumbent bike to help support your back if the condition is accompanied by back pain.

This type of bicycle has a back that is similar to a chair in general. If you have this tool at home, of course it will be more comfortable for you to use and set the time to use it.

Walking is the easiest exercise choice for people with osteoarthritis

3. Walk

Walking is the easiest exercise choice for people with osteoarthritis. This is because you don’t have to spend money or use special tools, just running shoes are enough. You can also do this sport anywhere and anytime.

You can walk at a speed according to your ability. However, keep your pace while walking briskly, including walking on a treadmill.

The faster you walk, the heavier the load on your knees. Walking can burn the same calories you burn while jogging. However, walking is relatively safer because the load on the knees is not too heavy.

If possible, you should walk on a treadmill. Training on a treadmill allows you to practice on a flatter, more comfortable surface, so it’s good for reducing the risk of knee pain during exercise.

Exercises for people with osteoarthritis

4. Exercise Flexibility

Exercises for people with osteoarthritis that you can also do anywhere and anytime are flexibility exercises. This type of exercise is useful for increasing joint mobility or movement, reducing joint stiffness, and preventing the tissue around the joint from straining.

This exercise is actually relatively easy because you only need to stretch the muscles and move the joints in a motion that is still comfortable and painless.

However, you should do this flexibility exercise as an exercise for people with osteoarthritis when your knees are not too sore or stiff. One of the best times is after taking a warm shower.

If you are taking painkillers, do these exercises while the drugs are being felt on your body. You can start this exercise by doing it one to two times a day for three times a week.

However, you can increase the intensity of this exercise over time so that you get the maximum benefit until your condition improves.

Strength Training

5. Strength Training

By strengthening your muscles, you protect and support joints affected by osteoarthritis and improve their overall function.

Therefore, one of the sports that you can do as a sufferer of osteoarthritis is to do muscle strength training or strength training. According to Harvard Health, this exercise will make the muscles contract against the resistance of muscle movement due to osteoarthritis.

A doctor or physical therapist will help recommend movements to train specific muscle strength according to the osteoarthritis you are experiencing. One thing for sure is that you don’t need to work out to the point of exhaustion of your muscles.

Bashir Zikria, MD, assistant professor of sports medicine from Johns Hopkins University Medical Center, Baltimore, as quoted from the Arthritis Foundation, said that one must exercise intelligently to overcome osteoarthritis.

Most people are afraid to exercise because it can make their condition worse, even though low-impact exercises such as walking or cycling is safe for you to do. You may still be able to run or play basketball, but ask your doctor before doing so.

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