Governor Greg Abbott has lifted restrictions regarding mask mandates starting March 10. However, Trinity Spine & Orthopedics will require all patients and staff to still wear a mask when entering our facility. If you do not have a mask, Trinity Spine and Orthopedics will provide one. Our primary focus is to protect our patients and staff. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 817-283-5252.


The Back: An Art and A Science

The art of medicine has just as much to do with what needs to be done as knowing how much is too much. The orthopedic doctors at Trinity Spine and Orthopedics believe that the art of medicine is a balancing act. It’s more than just surgery.

Sometimes surgery is necessary, but there are often cases where it can be avoided with other treatments. This can involve therapy, medicine, and, of course, time, but it is always a preferred option over sending someone under the knife. Trinity Spine and Orthopedics offers everything from physical therapy and sports medicine to arthroscopic surgery and spine care. This allows the doctors to work together as a team to develop treatments that make complex surgeries a last resort for most patients, and this is what the art of medicine is to Trinity Spine and Orthopedics.

A Deeper Understanding

The orthopedic doctors at Trinity Spine and Orthopedics in Fort Worth, Texas have all been patients themselves. No one, not even a doctor, is immune to physical problems, and they are no different. Each of them has been under the knife before and knows what it takes to get to the point where surgery is necessary, make a decision, and want to have something done. The patient needs to have confidence in their doctor and believe that the doctor truly has the patient’s best interests in mind, not their own.

When you come to Trinity Spine and Orthopedics, you will see the art of medicine firsthand when you meet doctors that care about you and take the time to get to know you as well as whatever pain or injury you are suffering from. With this information, they diagnose your condition and then work with you to develop a plan for treatment. Since it is your body, they sit down with you to show you exactly what is happening and answer any questions that you might have in hope that you will be an active participant in your treatment. From there, they will work with you, presenting your options and letting you be the one to decide what sort of treatment to pursue.

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