Easy Chin Tucks for Neck Pain

Last updated: 09-29-2020

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Easy Chin Tucks for Neck Pain

Chin tucks are typically one of the key exercises recommended for keeping the head aligned above the spine, rather than drifting forward into poor posture. When done regularly and with proper form, chin tucks can help improve the neck’s strength, flexibility, and function.

Chin tucks can be performed while standing or sitting. Here is a simple way to do chin tucks for a beginner:

In the beginning, it can help to have the finger as a point of reference. As the chin tuck becomes more comfortable to perform, it may no longer be necessary to hold up the finger.

A modification of the chin tuck that further emphasizes strengthening of the deep neck flexor muscles is to apply resistance with a hand placed under the tucked chin and apply light downward pressure into the hand, using the 5-second hold time approach.

It is recommended to perform 5 to 7 sets of 10 chin tucks in the course of each day. In addition to regularly stretching and strengthening the neck and upper back, performing chin tucks throughout the day can serve as a consistent reminder to use good posture.

Doing 10 repetitions of 5-second chin tucks just takes a minute. Some examples of easy ways to fit a set of chin tucks into a busy schedule include:

There are many possible ways to fit 5 to 7 sets of chin tucks into a day. When starting out, it may help to think about the next day and plan for the best times to do chin tucks.

Poor posture, including forward head posture, has long been suspected as a contributing factor in some cases of neck pain due to increased stress on the cervical spine and its supporting structures. Chin tucks can help:

The combination of strengthening and stretching achieved by chin tucks may also help ease muscle tension in the neck, head, upper back, and shoulders.

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