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Common Causes of Neck & Shoulder Pain

Do You Have Pain in the Neck and Shoulders?

Neck pain and shoulder pain are both common complaints that we hear at our Hurst orthopedic clinic. There are a number of reasons that people feel neck and shoulder pain. The most common issues that lead to this type of pain have to do with the shoulder. Pain from a shoulder injury can radiate throughout the body, making it harder to find the root cause.

Where Is My Pain Coming From?

There are a handful of different reasons that cause pain in the neck and shoulders, but there are two main causes that we keep an eye out for.

  • You might have a rotator cuK tear or tearing in the four muscles that surround the humeral head, which is the smoother, rounded part of the shoulder – the ball of the ball-and-socket joint.
  • This pain can also be spasming pain that comes from any of the muscles that stabilize the scapula, or the shoulder blades. This sort of pain can radiate up into the neck, down the back between the scapula, or even into the shoulder and down the upper arm.

Neck and Shoulder Pain Treatments

When you feel pain in the neck or shoulder, you should first and foremost consult your physician. They will check to make sure that nothing is dislocated as well as check for fractures. Once the injury has been diagnosed, our providers will work with you to develop a treatment plan that will let you recover, ideally without surgery.

At our clinic, we prefer a more conservative approach, using pain management and physical therapy or medicine before resorting to any sort of surgery. However, our doctors are very capable surgeons and highly trained with arthroscopic surgery.

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