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Keller Orthopedic Doctors – Physical Therapy Keller

Orthopedic doctors from Keller, TX offer insights and tips on the importance of physical therapy

While the importance of physical therapy for our health and well-being is most often narrowed down to only those recovering from an injury or post-operative condition, it has wide ranging benefits including treatment of orthopedic diseases, rehabilitation and more. However, the good news is – role of physical therapy in orthopedic and other health streams is being recognized. A prominent healthcare company with branches across the U.S celebrates the National Physical Therapy Month every year in October as a way of acknowledging and appreciating the difference that physical therapy professionals bring into the life of patients.

Physical Therapy Faster Recovery from Injury, Recommended by Keller Orthopedic Doctors


Keller Orthopedic Doctors – Physical Therapy Keller Texas

So, what is physical therapy?

Physical therapy or physiotherapy, as it is sometime known as, is a branch of health care profession that deals with care, treatment and rehabilitation of damage from orthopedic/musculoskeletal injuries, disabilities and post-operative care and assistance. Physical therapy also promotes ease of movement, bodily activities and functions through a series of examinations, diagnosis and physical interventions. Physical therapists specialized in orthopedics are best suited for those patients who have undergone injury or disease affecting the muscles, bones, ligaments, or tendons.

Why is physical therapy important?

While physical therapy clubs together the diagnostics, monitoring, and physical exercise to restore the physical condition of injured people, this treatment can also help people with incurable orthopedic conditions by allaying their pain. Not just that. Going beyond the conventional concept, orthopedic doctors from Keller, TX point out more areas where physical therapy can be highly effective.

1. It boosts strength

This therapy is great to imbue strength and vitality in patients who are suffering from a degenerative condition that has deteriorating impact on physical strength. Since this therapy typically includes strength training exercises using everyday objects like chairs and bottles etc., it not only increases strength but also slows down the processes that make the patient weak. While these exercises can be practised by the patients, doing them without a doctor’s approval and advice might result in exacerbated conditions.

2. It improves flexibility

For a patient dealing with an illness that hinders flexibility, physical therapy can be a very effective remedy. Normally performed under the supervision of a trained medical professional, this therapy has proven to be particularly helpful in addressing conditions like confinement due to illness, prolonged inactivity and reduced mobility. The best part of this therapy is- patients can carry out the therapy themselves with due instructions from their doctor.

3. It helps to keep obesity at bay

Physical therapy can be a great way to fight obesity which is currently one of the top contributory factors for a wide range of serious health threats such as diabetes, heart diseases, blood pressure and so on.  While this treatment can help anyone wrestling with the problem of obesity, it is most helpful for those who have spent a long duration without any significant movement or are incapacitated.

Physical therapy is a treatment that is not merely a solution for injury-related, surgical or rehabilitation-oriented problems. It can offer great help for any other health conditions that require recuperation, improved mobility and optimizing physical functions. Physical therapy is indeed a positive step in that direction.   Do you think physical therapy has more uses than the we generally attribute to it?


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