Frequently asked questions

Why do my feet feel so heavy ?

Knee pain should not be taken lightly. Our knees are one of the most important weight-bearing joints in the body, but they are subject to stress due to our daily activities and sports.

Thus, you should seek medical attention when you experience any of the following:

• Pain or swelling that lasts more than 48 hours
• Loss of range of motion in your knee
• Instability or a feeling that your knee is “helpless”
• Inability to place maximum weight on your knees
• There are obvious abnormalities in your knee
• Have a fever, in addition to redness, pain and swelling in your knee

When should I see an orthopedic doctor?

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a referral to see an Orthopedic doctor. Most patients make an appointment with Dr Christiano when they feel sick and are unable to perform daily activities such as work, exercise and walking or running. If your pain is chronic and prolonged, it is highly recommended to see Dr Christionao for a detailed diagnosis.

Should I continue to be involved in sports when I have pain?

Often, pain is our body’s way of telling us that something isn’t right. Dr Christiano always advises his patients to listen to their bodies because pushing with a pain barrier can make the injury worse. If your pain does not subside with Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation, it is highly recommended that you seek professional medical attention. Injuries are best treated when pain occurs; any additional load can worsen the condition and delay your recovery.

Do I need an X-ray or an MRI scan?

An X-ray and an MRI scan will be done if Dr Christiano suspects that you may have a bone or soft tissue injury (eg tendons, ligaments, cartilage). Such scans are essential to provide information for an accurate diagnosis.

Do I really need surgery?

This will depend on your condition and the type of treatment you decide to have. If a serious bone injury occurs, immediate surgery will be beneficial to relieve pain and aid recovery.

For minor injuries, non-surgical treatments such as physiotherapy and splinting will be recommended.

Rest assured that Dr Christiano will do all the treatment options that suit you and suggest possible treatment steps you can take. Regardless of your treatment options, Dr Christiano will be with you for each treatment option.