Governor Greg Abbott has lifted restrictions regarding mask mandates starting March 10. However, Trinity Spine & Orthopedics will require all patients and staff to still wear a mask when entering our facility. If you do not have a mask, Trinity Spine and Orthopedics will provide one. Our primary focus is to protect our patients and staff. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 817-283-5252.


Same-Day Orthopedic Emergencies

Same-Day Orthopedic Emergencies Fort Worth : The Fort Worth orthopedic surgeons at Trinity Spine and Orthopedics offer emergency services for same-day emergencies. The doctors at Trinity try to keep slots open in their schedules so that they can take care of patients who call in with true emergencies. Since waking up with a backache or a sore muscle isn’t what we would really consider an emergency, it can take a bit of time to establish whether there actually is an emergency.

When you call in with an emergency, our intake coordinators will ask you a few questions to determine what your injury is and whether it is a true emergency. Following this, we work very hard to get you in the clinic as soon as possible so that we can treat your injury.

If we can avoid having you go to the emergency room, we will. We are happy to offer our services to injured patients and will work you into the schedule as soon as possible. With our calling service, patients can contact our coordinators, who will schedule an appointment as quickly as possible, usually within 24 hours.

Types of Emergencies

At Trinity Spine and Orthopedics, we see pretty much everything. From broken bones and spine emergencies to ruptured discs and limb problems that need immediate attention. When you need help, we are here to support you. Some examples of emergencies include:

  • Ruptured tendons
  • Dislocated joints
  • Chronic pain with an acute flare-up
  • Broken bones
  • Spine care
  • Open fractures/compound breaks

The list goes on and on because there are an infinite amount of emergencies that can occur from almost any condition. We have physicians and surgeons available to address any sort of emergency that comes our way. Contact us now if you have an orthopedic emergencies.

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