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Spinal Fusion

What Is Spinal Fusion?

Spinal fusion is a type of surgery that permanently connects two or more vertebrae in the spine, eliminating the motion between them. This process mimics the way that broken bones heal. Your orthopedic surgeon places spacers between the vertebrae and might use metal plates, rods, and screws to hold everything in place so that the vertebrae heal into one solid unit.

In a spinal fusion, the devices fill the bone so that the bone can grow across from one break to the other, stabilizing the area and maintaining the opening where the nerve comes out. The process is very effective and very efficient. It takes care of severe neck and arm pain and is a favorite procedure at Trinity Spine and Orthopedics because the results are very dramatic and can be seen very quickly.

Who Needs It & What Are the Symptoms?

The Fort Worth orthopedic surgeons at Trinity Spine and Orthopedics believe that people who have high risk of degeneration in their spine are ideal candidates for spinal fusion. Whether there’s a bad protrusion or herniation, it can affect your nerves and cause pain all the way down your arm. Small connector joints in the spine can become arthritic and pushed down into the spinal canal, and these patients are also good candidates for spinal fusion.

Conditions that call for spinal fusion may vary, but they generally include:

  • Severe pain down the arm
  • Heaviness of the arms
  • Clumsiness, awkwardness, and dropping things
  • Lost dexterity
  • Lost hand coordination
  • Pain between the shoulder blades

Patients who suffer from these symptoms should be evaluated for a spinal fusion. To find out if spinal fusion is right for you, contact Trinity Spine and Orthopedics to schedule a consultation.

What Can I Expect from My Spinal Fusion Surgery?

At Trinity Spine and Orthopedics, our orthopedic surgeons have a long track record of successful spinal fusions with excellent results. We have great training and all the latest technology and implants that can give you the absolute best results in the shortest amount of time with the least pain. In extreme cases, we may contact your insurance company to approve the use of an external bone stimulator, which is a small device worn after a spinal fusion that creates an electromagnetic field around the affected spine and accelerates the healing process.

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